Second Story Addition – Braeswood Place

I am writing this letter as a reference for Tom Pellegrin of Third Coast Builders.  He performed a major remodel project for us in our new house which involved a second story addition.

Tom was referred to us by our architect, but she hadn’t worked with him extensively, so we took a little bit of a leap of faith in hiring him.  In the bidding process, he appealed to us, as he was extremely responsive, experienced, and friendly.  We went to see some of his work and talked to his references, and we liked what we saw and heard, so we decided to hire him.

Our first task was negotiating our contract.  Being an attorney who negotiates for a living, I know that this can be either a relatively simple, professional task, or an extremely trying one.  With Tom, it was the former.  We were off to a great start.

Next he went to the city for permitting.  As there often are, there were some challenges with this phase, and Tom was able to work through them hastily and very professionally.

Then the work began.  Tom started when he said he would start, showed up when he was supposed to show up, and was always available for questions or concerns.  He and our architect worked great together.  They hit a bump or two along the way, and together they worked through the issues that came up pretty seamlessly.

Given that this was our first project, all of the decisions along the way were new ones for me.  Tom helped me sort out what was important, and what was really minor.  He always listened to my concerns and helped me problem solve.  His subs and his vendors were always helpful and professional.  He was always patient with me when I had trouble making a decision.

I have heard so many nightmare stories about remodeling, and I really had such a different experience with Tom.  Tom did a great job for us, and I would highly recommend him to anyone for a remodel project.  He is extremely professional, responsive, timely, and responsible, and he is genuinely kind and easy to work with.  I hope that Tom is strongly considered for this award – it would be well deserved.

Anna Horowitz
Second Story Addition
Braeswood Place