Home Remodel – Afton Oaks

My wife, Mary,  and I have  known  Tom Pellegrin for approximately eight  years. In 2004 and 2005, he and his able crew undertook a significant  renovation of our  home  in Afton Oaks, and then again in 2010 and  2011, we called upon  Tom’s help with  additional updates to our home.  Thus we have ample basis to comment on why Tom would  be an excellent  choice for your  “Remodeler  of the Year”  award.

Working with Tom has always  been a happy  experience  for Mary  and me. Throughout our dealings,  Tom has remained consistently cordial and fair-minded. Among other things, he is a superlative cabinetmaker,  and I am not an easy man  to satisfy on that front.  Perhaps because  of his skills in that  area, Tom also exhibits  a keen eye for detail  in all aspects  of his work.   He is, in the best sense  of the terms,  a craftsman.  Adding  value to Tom’s  work,  his friendly and trustworthy crew has been with him for many  years.   They are always  welcome  in our home  and  go out of their way to minimize  the impact  of construction on our daily lives.  We have  also had uniformly  positive  experiences  with  Tom’s  sub-contractors,   and  it is obvious  that he both  encourages  and expects  the best from his subs.

Perhaps  the defining  characteristic   of our dealings  with  Tom has been  his professionalism   and his consistent  application   of the Golden  Rule to his dealings with Mary and me. On all of our projects beyond simply making our projects happen – he has also volunteered cost-effective ways to economize where it would not compromise the quality of the results. I therefore value his advice and his honesty as much as I do his artistry.

The bottom line is that I can recommend Tom without any reservation for any substantial home renovation project, and in fact, I have recommended him to numerous of my friends since 2004.  All who have used Tom’s services report that they were very happy with the experience.

David Wilks Corban and Mary Kathryn Corban
Afton Oaks
Home Remodel